Frederic Couton


Trained in France in Star Michelin restaurants, Frédéric honed his culinary skills at the Hilton hotels in Paris, Geneva, Montreal and Bangkok, where he was involved in cooking for Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Thailand. Before joining The Cannery, he also held the position of Executive Chef at the prestigious British Columbia Club.

Influenced by his world travels, Frédéric blends traditional techniques and ingredients with exotic fish and vegetables, which combined with his exquisite presentation promises a memorable dining experience.

Hugo Couton


Trained early in his father’s footsteps in his love of quality ingredients, his love of food had him working on Rocky Mountaineer trains as well as managing key aspects of the services provided by Rocky Mountain Catering.
Hugo is now actively assisting in the production of lobster oil as well as an integral part of the design and marketing team tasked to promote this unique product.

Hugo brings in a fresh vision in our team and we are pleased to have him lead the promotional and ecommerce segment of our thriving business.